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Beef and Pork

Beef and Pork

Filet Mignon, Steaks, and Chops 


 If you should choose beef as an entrée, we recommend it be served in its purest form, grilled and roasted.  Try a spiced rub and any of the following sauces for a refreshing update to this classic entrée.




                  *               Mushroom Tarragon

                  *               Red Wine Shallot

                  *               Tomato Garlic

                  *               Horseradish Cream

                  *               Cognac Mustard 


 For a buffet, you might consider:


  * Filet of beef stuffed with red peppers, spinach, and goat cheese

* Filet of beef stuffed with walnuts and feta cheese

* Classic Beef Bourguignon

* Oriental beef and vegetable stir fry

* Beef Wellington




  * Orange flavored pork with a Madeira wine sauce

* Boneless pork loin with onion marmalade

* Boneless tenderloin with:

* a pear brandy cream sauce, or

* an apple brandy cream sauce

* Roast pork with an artichoke/mustard sauce

* Pork tenderloin Cubano with an orange, lime, and rum sauce

* Loin of pork with mushrooms and onions in a puff pastry