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                 The Classic Sauces:


                                  *               Apple brandy cream sauce with sautéed seasonal apples

                                  *               Cognac mustard sauce with fresh mushrooms

                                  *               Ginger brandy sauce with Chinese straw mushrooms

                                  *               Raspberry cream sauce with fresh raspberries

                                  *               Hollandaise or lemon brandy sabayon with asparagus

                                  *               Tarragon cream sauce with artichoke hearts


  Stuffed & Sauced:


  * Goat cheese - roasted red peppers - fresh rosemary

* Wild rice almond stuffing - raspberry honey glaze

* Three cheese - spinach

* Boursin cheese - spinach - wrapped in bacon

* Crab - shrimp - parmesan cheese

* Prosciutto - Mozzarella - Basil




  * Tuscany:  lightly  battered, sautéed, and served with roasted red

peppers, capers, and parmesan cheese


  * Romano:  garlic, peppers, onions, and mushrooms in a light

olive oil tomato basil sauce


  * Marsala:  with fresh herbs and mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce

* Teriyaki:  wine, orange, ginger, soy marinade, grilled and served

with a teriyaki glaze


  * Canton:  lightly battered, sautéed, and served with a plum and walnut sauce


                                  *               Jamaican Jerk:   Classic Caribbean grilled chicken served with

                                                   grilled tropical fruit


                                  *               Macadamian:  lightly battered, sautéed in ginger butter and served with pineapple and

                                                    macadamia nuts


                                  *               Caribbean:  baked with a walnut and crumb crust and served  with a tropical fruit and bourbon                                                      sauce


  * Asian Garlic Chicken:  a blend of Oriental spices and vinegars, sautéed and then glazed




  * Orange/Rosemary marinade and served with an orange butter


  * Lime/Pepper marinade and grilled with Cajun spices


  * Classic Oriental marinade and served with a spicy peanut sauce


  * Oriental Hoisin barbecue sauce



  The above may be served with unique fruit salsas with include the following:


  * Tropical fruit

* Watermelon/Pineapple

* Thai - Mango

* Cranberry/Pear

* Tomato/Onion

* Watermelon

* Asian style onion salsa

* Peach  & Red Bell Pepper

* Three Melon Salsa